10 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Small Living Room

Hannah Arcenal     October 17, 2021

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10 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Small Living Room

With Christmas just around the corner, Christmas decorations bring in the holiday spirit to your home. However, having a smaller living room can be a hassle when decorating your space for the holidays. If you have a smaller space with a limited room, decorating your living room can be a challenge to make your space as festive as possible. But this does not mean you can’t decorate your living room creatively, you just have to think outside the box! 

Here are 10 tips and ideas on how you can make your small living room festive with your Christmas décor! 


  1. Ditch the Christmas tree.


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Limited space means no space for a 7-foot Christmas tree, but this does not mean you can’t show off your favorite Christmas décor and ornaments. Instead of placing your traditional Christmas tree in the living room, why not display your Christmas ornaments like Christmas balls in large glass vases or crystal bowls. 

  1. Downsize your Christmas tree.

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If you still insist on having a tree for your home but given the limited space available, why not downsize your Christmas tree? It doesn’t have to be 9 feet tall to be considered a real Christmas tree. All you need is to add in some lights, garlands, and ornaments to be a good festive tree. 


  1. Recycle your decorations.

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Apart from having limited space in your living room, storing your Christmas decors might also be a challenge. Instead of buying new ornaments and decorations why not recycle the ones you have at home? Old and recycled decors can still make your home look festive, all you need to do is be creative in decorating your living room. 


  1. Keep it simple.

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As they always say, less is more. Having a lot of Christmas decorations might do you more bad than good especially with the limited space you have. Keeping it simple could save you a lot of space, time, and energy! You can make use of simple Christmas decorations to still make your living room a Christmas wonderland. 


  1. Use lights to set the mood.

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Using candles and string lights create a festive atmosphere and mood in your living room, without sacrificing a lot of space. Make sure to use warm-toned light and avoid oversized lamps and lights as they might be overwhelming for your small space. 


  1. Use scent as Christmas décor.

Apart from the ornaments and decorations at home, why not use Christmas-inspired scents as décor? Your home’s aroma is just as important as your decor. The scent is closely linked with memory as it evokes specific memories and scenarios. You can make use of humidifiers or scented candles that have that particular holiday scent to link your home to the spirit of Christmas


  1. Maximize the use of walls.

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The easiest way to decorate your small space is to maximize the use of walls. Use damage-free hooks and put up some of your Christmas art, family photos, and holiday artworks as decorations.


  1. Use white decor.

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The color white makes the area look more spacious. In choosing your decorations, choose ones in white to make your living area less crowded. The color white allows light to pass around the room making the ambiance a lot brighter. 


  1. Decorate your door.

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Your door is the perfect area to strike a simple yet festive vibe. There are many ways to style your door for the holiday but keep it elegant and simple. You can hang a festive Christmas wreath or put on Christmas lights around your door to make it as welcoming as possible. 


  1. Keep color in check.

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When decorating your living room do not go overboard with colors like red, green, and metallic tones. Going overboard with decor with different colors can make your small living room much smaller. Keep your colors to a minimum or find a theme to follow!


Regardless of your small space, you can still make your home festive as possible with the help of these Christmas decoration ideas. Always remember to maximize your space and think creatively when decorating! 



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