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10 Safety Tools and Equipment Gift Ideas for the 2022 Holidays

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Prepare to give your loved ones the protection they deserve this upcoming season! As the holiday season is right around the corner, you might just find yourself filled with holiday-themed products in stores. While Christmas shoppers organize their plans in September, it’s essential to plan and buy as early as possible to ensure your gifts arrive on time.


While it’s never too soon to plan your holidays, here are the 10 safety tools and gift ideas you can get for the 2022 holiday.


10 Safety Tools and Equipment Gift Ideas for 2022


Camping Lantern



Looking for something that your clients can conveniently carry into their adventures? A camping lantern is the perfect corporate gift to buy for the holidays. This customized camping lantern contains with ultra-bright LED bulbs and serves as your long-lasting personal torch, illuminating your hiking path and can serve as or your backup battery.


Safety Glasses


Image from PRO Choice Safety Gear


Visit online catalogs for safety glasses to find out eyewear options when looking for the right one! Safety glasses are good for protecting the eyes from various hazards, and stand as a stylish eyewear for everyone to use. A good pair of safety glasses is one critical tool for those who are simply fans of tools.


Smart Lock


Image from PCMag


If you’re prone to forgetting your house keys, then a smart lock might come in handy! Find a smart lock that offers a whole range of unlocking options—using your phone, fingerprint, a physical key or a numeric code, or a physical key. You’ll need to provide a secure password for these; look for password managers that will help create complicated passwords to protect all your accounts and security.

Heavy Duty Pot Holders


Image from Walmart


While this may be the least tech-oriented gift in the list, it’s still a welcome addition to any kitchen! What better way to help them stay safe at home than by helping them prevent thermal burns during Noche Buena prep? We recommend gifting cotton or silicone potholders for their heat-resistance and ease of cleaning after use.

Solar Electronics Charger


Image from Good Housekeeping


There are many options for solar electronic chargers, including solar charger cases for mobile phones, or at once multiple devices charged by mini solar panels, and solar-powered USB charger combination kits, depending on your budget. Considering a solar electronics charger, you are in for one of the newest and most innovative technologies in disaster preparedness, as these chargers store energy, charging your phone by using sunlight, this is the day and age, where landline phones are quickly being replaced by cell phones which may be your only form of communication in times of emergency situations. It is a matter of time to keep your cell phone fully charged if a storm hits and causes your home to run out of power.


DIY Home Security System


Image from CNET


Give your family and friends the gift of safety in building a whole smart security system by purchasing two wireless, waterproof cameras and a home base. A simple, innovative, and cost-effective way to help them when installing a DIY home security system. There is always at least one person who considers their home to be their joy and pride in every family, and spending every spare moment decorating, upgrading, and painting their house.


Child-Proofing Supplies


Image from FamilyEducation


Adding parents or grandparents to your shopping list? Child-proofing supplies are the best product to give for the holidays, and a valuable tool for babies when they crawl and explore random things they find at home.


Bike Helmets & Pads


Image from Multisport.ph


After a severe accident or collision, it is essential to always replace a helmet after a severe accident or collision, especially since safety materials degrade. It is important for cyclists of all ages to wear helmets, yet kids outgrow them year to year. With that said, old helmets need to be replaced when getting back into cycling after a few years.

LED Flashlight


Image from Gear Patrol


LED flashlights are another welcome, everyday option for your Christmas gift list. Compared to regular flashlights, LED flashlights last longer, are more energy efficient, and produce a much brighter light. These are great to have in your emergency kits, outdoor gear, and even as part of your everyday carry (EDC).


Emergency Preparedness Kit


Image from Weather Underground


When preparing for a natural disaster, essential survival supplies come in handy by having an emergency preparedness kit. Before an emergency even happens, buy the list of recommended supplies, and look for certain starter kits readily available from various retailers online or onsite.


Why It’s a Good Idea to Gift Safety Tools in 2022


Safety tools and equipment should be accessible to everyone. What better way to celebrate the season than to share the gift of safety and comfort with your loved ones? It is also an excellent way of showing your loved ones how much you care about them, even more when you aren’t there to protect them from harm.


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