2021 Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

Editorial Staff     December 29, 2020

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2021 Interior Design Trends You Need to Know

Bring in the new year and a new look for your home. While work from home arrangements has taken over our houses, it doesn’t have to feel like an invasion. Now, fast rising trends aim to marry telecommute functionality with the warmth of our personal sanctuaries. From the throes of Instagram to the minds of professional interior designers, here are emerging 2021 home design trends to look out for.

Have plants takeover!

Trending parin ang gardening dahil nakakapromote sya ng positivity sa bahay. 

The plantito train isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Houseplants are steadily becoming a household staple, giving not only refreshing life and pops of color to spaces but cleaner air for you and your family. Among the popular houseplants as told by online searches are the snake plant and the Chinese money plant.


Let there be light!

Hope you can get a few bright ideas from the photos!

Time to freshen up those lamps! Light fixtures and sources around your home are expected to be main room attractions this 2021. According to Homes and Gardens featured light expert Valentina Gori, the themes may vary from contemporary to cottagecore. However, it’s likely that light will be a focal point in spaces.


A couple of soft touches here and there will do the trick!

Supporting eco-conscious designs are becoming increasingly favored as the climate crisis grows prominent. Interior designers are seeing a rise in the integration of natural, renewable, and recycled textiles into homes. This is a trend we’re more than happy to welcome as the norm.


Space, space, and even more space!

Less is more! More or less.

As natural elements come into play, presumably to mimic the outdoors during quarantine, distancing has also integrated itself into design. Floor plans that allow for room and negative space are expected to trend this coming year to maximize comfort and functionality.


Bring in the hues of nature!

Do the colors compliment the plant? Hue be the judge!

Warm and comforting colors like earthy burnt oranges and deep cobalt blues are the star colors of interior design in the incoming year. “There seems to be a subtle shift toward the humbler earth tones, and we believe richer hues will redefine how the whole home feels—comforting, safe, and inviting,” says designer Gil Melott to Architectural Design. If you’re looking to refresh your walls, keep an eye on these colors.

In summary, we all seem to want the same thing—to make our homes feel cozy, welcoming, and like home again. Leavin behind the “home as a quarantine prison” mindset in 2020! Reinvent your spaces to accommodate both work and play.

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