5 Window Grill Design Ideas to Consider for Your Home

Hannah Arcenal     September 25, 2021

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5 Window Grill Design Ideas to Consider for Your Home

Windows are the lifeline of every home. Bringing in the fresh air and natural light, windows impart a positive, upbeat vibe – that’s why it’s important to choose the right kind. Apart from the actual windows, choosing the right type of window grill design helps in setting up a functional window.



Window grills do not only add a unique aesthetic but also act as security and a protective barrier from the outside world. When choosing a window grill design, one must consider both the aesthetics and its functionality.


Here are window grill designs to consider for your home:


  1. Simple Window Grill Design 

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Probably the most common type of window grills, the simple window grill design is best for a clean and sleek look. It suits any house style and serves its purpose to provide you safety and proper ventilation. 


  1. Decorative Window Grill Design


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Commonly seen in Victorian-style houses, the decorative window grill design is detailed with swirls and flower patterns giving your windows and home a more fancy look. These Decorative window styles create a unique and beautiful blend of modernity and tradition. This type of window grill design is ideal for windows that face the garden or an open area to maximize protection. 


  1. Window Grill with Planter Box

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Best for plant lovers, Window Grills with Planter Box allows you to place plants outside your window giving a green luscious look for your home. It is multifunctional because it provides security for your home and support for small to medium size plants. This type of window grill design is also a perfect space for plants that love the sun!


  1. Modern Minimalist Window Grill Design 

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Mostly seen in modern designed homes, Modern Minimalist Window Grill Design exudes that stylish modern charm through vertical and horizontal lines. It gives a nice, sleek, and clean look for your home and is rounded to improve both the functionality and appearance of your windows. This modern window grill design ensures your home a sleek stylish look while preserving your privacy inside. 


  1. Mesh Pattern Window Grill 


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If you are looking for a high-security type of window grill design, the Mesh Pattern design is an excellent choice for your home. It provides your home with utmost protection with its interconnected arrangement of metal bars, making it inaccessible for tools or hands to fit your window. 


Windows are integral components of the overall architectural style of your home and this includes your window grills. Regardless of what Window Grill Design you choose for your home, it must always serve its purpose to provide you the proper security for you and your family protecting you from the outside world. 

Which of these Window Grill Designs are you considering for your home?



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