7 Functional yet Stylish Closet Door Designs

Hannah Arcenal     October 9, 2021

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7 Functional yet Stylish Closet Door Designs

When designing your closet, there is a lot to consider: part of it includes what type of closet door you will choose for your cabinet or closet and it must be durable, easy to use and to access, and it creates cohesion with the overall design.

Closet doors are absolutely essential when it comes to designing your home. Apart from protecting the contents of your closet, it also enhances the aesthetics of your room. In choosing the right closet door, one must consider both the design as well as its functionality. 


Choose your Closet Door!

Here are different types of closet doors you can choose from and their functions: 


  1. Bypass Closet Door

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Known as sliding closet doors, Bypass Closet Doors are one of the most popular closet door ideas and are space savers as they do not open out into your space. It has a track in the frame that allows the doors to slide past each other. However, you can only access half of your closet at a time because you have to slide one door over the other. Bypass closet doors are built of a variety of materials but are most commonly found in wood, metal, or glass. This style of the closet door is strong and light, and it also looks neat and trendy in your bedroom.


  1. Bifold Closet Door

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Bi-fold closet doors are paneled doors that come in two pairs (or more if your closet is large) to allow folding. It is connected by a hinge and is ideal for large closet openings. The main disadvantage of this style of closet door is that it will come out of the track if yanked too hard, and it will be difficult to reach on the far side of your closet due to the area taken up by the panels when folded open. The best part is that it is inexpensive, making it ideal if you have a limited budget but still want a unique design for your closet.


  1. Accordion Closet Door

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An accordion closet is one of the greatest options if you want complete access to your closet without taking up too much room. Accordion doors are generally composed of lightweight PVC, but they can also be made of wood, laminates, fiberglass, aluminum, and even acrylic inserts in some cases. The narrow panel of this closet door allows it to collapse virtually flat when it is opened, yet it may become a little unstable when moved due to the lack of a bottom track to support it.


  1. French Closet Door

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Traditional hinged doors made more sophisticated and glamorous are known as French closet doors. Because of the lightweight fiberglass or wood construction, we frequently find French doors in most walk-in closets. The glass in the frames can also be changed. Although French doors make your closet bright and spacious, they require adequate clearance to fully open, making them unsuitable for tiny rooms where they may collide with furniture.


  1. Mirror Closet Door

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Other types of closet doors, such as bypass and pocket doors, can be incorporated with a mirror closet door. This will provide you with a full-length mirror, which is ideal for trying on different outfits. It will also free up wall space that can be used for other purposes. As the light bounces about the room, the closet will appear larger with mirrored doors.


  1. Pivot Closet Door

Pivot doors differ from regular doors because their hinges are situated at the top and bottom of the door. These doors are likewise frameless, and because they are entirely customized, you can have them made of glass or premium wood. It is sleek and sophisticated, and it is best suited for modern homes.


  1. Pocket Closet Door


These doors, as the name implies, feature a small pocket in the wall into which the door glides when opened. This is ideal for when you need access to the entire opening of your closet; it’s also extremely simple to use, lightweight, and space-saving. This style of the closet door may easily blend in with the rest of your home’s door frames, and if you have a large closet, you can even have it personalized.


It is important to consider what type of closet door you will choose for your home. Regardless of what design selection you have, always remember that it is important for your closet door to be durable, easy to use and access and it is cohesive with the rest of the aesthetics of your room. 

What closet door do you think is the best for you and your home?



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