Advantages of Having A PCAB License

Editorial Staff     June 25, 2020

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Advantages of Having A PCAB License

The Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) is an organization that was created under the Republic Act No. 4566, also known as the Contractors License Law, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 1476. The main purpose of this is to ensure that all construction activities are approved by a governing body through the presence of a PCAB license. 

While it’s no secret that there are unlicensed contractors who are getting projects in the country, whether big or small, this should not be used as a reason to skip out on obtaining a license. The Contractors License Law states that no architect, engineer, or contractor is allowed to start construction without first obtaining a PCAB license. Operating without one is illegal, and hiring unlicensed contractors come with its fair share of legal risks and financial repercussions.


Insurance and Liabilities

When it comes to legal concerns, a licensed contractor has access to certain perks such as liability insurance and worker’s compensation. A PCAB license establishes professionalism on the contractor’s end and allows for complacency in the work environment. These make the contractor more appealing to clients and workers from a legal standpoint. It’s an indication that both are insured and protected from financial pitfalls caused by accidents in the workplace.


Proof of Responsibility

General contractors handle everything, from client communications to project management. From the client’s perspective, they want to work with someone with a proven skillset and decent legal standing. The license is the perfect proof of credibility, making it easier for contractors to bid for projects and acquire work.


Speed, Quality, and Efficiency

Most licensed contractors have the experience and reputation necessary to work on projects as fast and efficiently as possible. Their familiarity with the industry means they know how to act and have the right connections for any job, be it suppliers, consultants, or trustworthy subcontractors.

The PCAB license is a beneficial requirement for industry people to work legally. For clients, it allows them to make an informed choice on their construction providers. This will give them assurance that the safety and legal guidelines will still be followed. Having a PCAB license can boost your image as a contractor because of the successful structures you would create, earning you more jobs and more people willing to work with you.

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