Affordable Aesthetic Desk Lamps You Can Buy Online for Your Home Office

Affordable Aesthetic Desk Lamps You Can Buy Online for Your Home Office

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The nature and quality of lighting in your home office can significantly boost your productivity when you work indoors. Poor workplace lighting saps your energy, strains your eyes, and causes headaches, all of which make it difficult to do your best job.

When it comes to workstation illumination, artificial lighting is much more critical if you don’t have a lot of natural light. It’s a common misconception that overhead or recessed lights in a home office are sufficient for ambient lighting. Ambient lighting isn’t made for home offices, so you’ll have to add some new fixtures to make it work.

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In this article, we look into the different types of lamps you can use for your home office.


1. Swing Arm Lamp

You can direct the light from a desk lamp with a swing arm to whatever project you’re working on at the time. Swing the arm down if you need to bring the light closer to a complex subject.

If you work on a lot of drawing or drafting assignments, the swing arm type is great because it allows you to easily move the arm and light over the breadth of your desk.


Study Table Lamp Office Desk Light With Flexible Swing Arm

₱400 – ₱798

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A swing arm floor lamp, likewise, allows you to modify the lamp’s position according to your current illumination demands. You may change the light by moving the arm rather than lifting up and moving the full lamp if you need it to shine on a specific region.

Modern Nordic Style Floor Lamp Stand Shade With Flexible Swing Arm
₱739 – ₱999

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2. Battery  Powered Lamp

To work, not all desk lamps must be plugged into an outlet. Some people rely on battery power or another form of energy. There are a few desk light models, for example, that hook into a USB port on your laptop and use the computer as a power source. These sorts of desk lamps are also usually portable.

USB Rechargeable Table Desk LED Lamp Reading Study Light with Pen Phone Holder


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3. Magnifying Desk Lamp

You’ve probably seen magnifying mirrors with lights that let you apply eye makeup or pluck your brows without straining your eyes. It’s only natural that a notion comparable to this exists for desk lighting.

After all, even if you have good eyesight, many tasks need minute detail work that can be difficult to perceive. A magnifying desk lamp has a magnifying glass in the center and a ring of light around it. It helps illuminate and magnify your efforts, whether you’re working on a detailed design, soldering tiny computer chips, or doing delicate needle work.

5X Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp Magnifier

₱869 – ₱1,199

Click here to buy


4. Clip-on Desk Lamp

It’s possible that you won’t need a lamp at your work all of the time. Alternatively, your desk may be so little that there isn’t enough place on its surface for full light.

In that situation, a clip-on desk lamp may be the best solution for you. With either a clamp or a clip, the light is secured to the desk’s edge. When you don’t require a source of light or need to spread materials throughout the desk’s surface, you may pull it down and put it away.

Clip Desk Lamp


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5. Torchiere Lamp

If you’re looking for an accent lamp or simply want to increase the amount of general light in a room, this is a wonderful option.

Torchieres are a form of floor lamp with a tall body and a shade that faces upwards to give ambient or accent lighting. This is one of the most traditional and widely used styles of lamps in today’s households.

By providing an uplight, a torchiere lamp enhances the ambient light in a room. The light from the torchiere flows out of the lamp’s top. 

Energy Saving Floor Lamp


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6. Gooseneck Lamp

Gooseneck lamps come in two styles: a flexible metal neck that can be adjusted to various settings and a fixed metal neck with a conventional curve.

The main advantage of this lamp form is that the curve, or flexibility of the neck, allows you to focus the light on a specific area. They’re ideal for desktops or reading lamps near your bed because they provide enough light to read a book without waking up the rest of the room.

Dimmable Study Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck


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Have you decided which one to add to your cart?



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