Better Skills, Better Opportunities: Upgrade Your Skills With These Construction-Related TESDA Certifications - Pinoy Builders

Better Skills, Better Opportunities: Upgrade Your Skills With These Construction-Related TESDA Certifications

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For many professionals, learning does not end once we receive our high school or college diplomas. A Master’s Degree is always a prospect and for shorter courses with good educational scopes, professional certifications are also a viable option. In today’s competitive job market, additional knowledge and honed expertise are always more attractive for potential employers, especially in the construction industry where many hopeful professionals are vying to enter.

The Technical Education And Skills Development Authority, more commonly known as TESDA, is one of the many institutions in the country that specializes in providing quality technical education for individuals who are aspiring to enter the industry of their prospect, or simply upgrade their pre-existing skills for upward movement in their field. TESDA is one of the most prominent institutions responsible for granting the necessary education and certifications for both students and professionals, especially in the construction industry.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most useful construction-related TESDA programs and certificates for both aspiring individuals and construction professionals alike. These TESDA certificates can improve one’s chances of reaching better career opportunities or improving their skills in the work that they are already doing. Below are some of the TESDA construction-related certificates and programs that can boost your professional prospects, available as of June 2023.

Plumbing National Certificate II

Learning to plumb is important for construction professionals because it equips them with a valuable and in-demand skill set that is a crucial part of almost every infrastructure project. Proper plumbing ensures that all water supply systems, drainage systems, and fixtures are properly installed. By understanding plumbing principles and techniques, construction professionals can contribute to the overall success of construction projects while expanding their career opportunities within the industry. Below is a list f TESDA Construction-related courses with a specialization in plumbing.

Image from TESDA

  • Introduction To Plumbing
  • Preparing Estimation of Materials for Multiple Plumbing Units
  • Performing Multiple Plumbing Units Installation and Assembly
  • Performing Leak Testing
  • Performing Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Work

Photovoltaic Systems Installation National Certificate II

In today’s construction industry, the demand for renewable energy solutions is growing. Learning Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Installation is important for construction professionals because it enables them to contribute to this essential change in the industry. Sufficient knowledge of photovoltaic systems installation is crucial for construction professionals because it allows them to meet the rising demand for renewable energy solutions and pick up sustainable construction practices. Below are the TESDA construction-related courses that offer Photovoltaic Systems Installation National Certificate.

Image from PTC-IBA

  • Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems Installation
  • Performing Site Assessment
  • Checking PV Components and Materials Compliance
  • Installing Photovoltaic Systems
  • Performing PV System Testing and Commissioning

Additional Construction-related Courses Offered By TESDA

Other TESDA courses are offered by accredited schools, but their availability with depend on the regions where the student/aspiring professional resides. Below are some additional construction-related courses offered by TESDA as per the website.

Heavy Equipment Operation Courses NC II

  • Backhoe Loader
  • Bulldozer
  • Forklift
  • Hydraulic Excavator

Operator Course

  • Crane Operator Course

Technology Courses

  • Diploma in Civil Technology
  • 1-year course in Drafting Technology
  • Drafting Technology Course

Technical Courses

  • Technical Drafting NC II
  • Architectural Desktop (35 Hours)
  • Building Wiring Installation NC II
  • Building Maintenance Supervision

Electrical Courses

  • Industrial Electricity
  • 1-year Practical Electricity

Craft Courses

  • Carpentry NC II
  • Construction Painting NC II
  • Fiberglass Craft
  • Masonry NC I and NC II
  • Pipe Fitting NC II
  • Tile Setting NC II

TESDA Certificates For Skill Upgrade

Receiving a TESDA certificate in the construction-related field provides great opportunities for individuals who want to enter the construction field and professionals who want to upgrade their skills. With constantly evolving technology and advancements in the industry, it is ideal for people in the field to increase their set of skills and expand their pre-existing knowledge. By investing in these certifications, individuals can position themselves for success in a competitive job market.


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