Careers in Construction: Best Schools for Construction Management Programs in the Philippines

Joanna Marie Santos     June 19, 2023

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Careers in Construction: Best Schools for Construction Management Programs in the Philippines

Construction management plays an important role in the successful execution of infrastructure projects. Construction management involves the educated control of a project in order to achieve the desired outcome while maximizing the materials and the budget allocated. Construction management is also crucial in maintaining the flow of the project and making sure that the project is completed within the given timeframe. 

In the dynamic and rapidly developing construction industry of the Philippines, it is important for hopeful professionals to learn the necessary skills and hone their ability to manage projectssmall or large scale, in order to make it in the industry. Specialized engineering knowledge that aspiring professionals can learn in the field of construction includes project management, cost engineering, accounting, and business organization. 

Fortunately, in the Philippines, there are multiple educational institutions that offer comprehensive construction management courses with the goal of producing top-notch graduates who can excel and make significant contributions to the Philippines’ construction industry. Below are some of the best schools that offer construction management courses in the Philippines.

De La Salle University (Bachelor Of Science In Civil Engineering w/ Specialization in Construction Technology and Management/CMT)

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One of the leading universities in the country, De la Salle University (DLSU) is at the forefront of producing some of the top-performing engineers in the country. The main goal of DLSU’s civil engineering w/a specialization in CMT is to train aspiring professionals to learn the basic skills needed to manage construction materials and learn the current technology. Students undertaking this course will also be trained to become familiar with marketing, business management, estimating, bidding, and economics, in hopes of producing graduates who can enter the industry immediately or establish their own firms in the future. 

De la Salle – College of Saint Benilde 

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Another educational institution belonging to the top universities of the country, De la Salle College of Saint Benilde offers hopeful construction managers a chance to gain the necessary knowledge or improve on their pre-existing skills for personal or professional use. De la Salle College of Saint Benilde offers a 5 module diploma in construction and project management in hopes of producing proficient construction project managers who can excel and make contributions to the country’s construction industry.

Mapua University –  Construction Management Professional Course

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A private, research-oriented university located in Metro Manila, Mapua University is one of the best universities that offer a course in construction management. A 40-hour, 5-day course training workshop, Mapua University’s construction management professional course offers both career starters and current construction management professionals the to hone and advance their skills and techniques in improving their construction project management skills. 

Project Management Institute Of The Philippines (PMI) – Project Management In Construction – Virtual

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Project Management Institute (PMI) Philippines Chapter is the local arm of the U.S. non-profit organization with the goal of improving the quality of project management worldwide. PMI Philippines aims to provide the best knowledge and training for Filipino construction project management professionals in order to not only boost the number of experts in the field but also prepare the country for merging with other neighboring economies. PMI offers aspiring construction project managers the latest knowledge that will help students be familiar with international project management standards.

Philippine Construction Management Schools

In recent years, the construction industry of the Philippines is gaining traction. As a result, more and more universities and educational institutions are improving their construction-related courses and adapting to international standards to improve the local industry. From DLSU to PMI, there are plenty of construction management courses available for hopeful construction managers who want to enter the field. Apart from this, master’s programs are also available for professionals who want to boost their careers.

As the local construction industry continues to improve, it is important for aspiring professionals to search for and asses the best educational institution for their needs in order to increase their chances of success in the field. By exploring these top-performing schools in construction management, Filipino construction professionals can embark on their career prospects and contribute to the improvement of the local economy. 


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