Cementing Change: CMDF And The Current State Of Philippines’ Construction Sector

Joanna Marie Santos     May 17, 2023

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Cementing Change: CMDF And The Current State Of Philippines’ Construction Sector

It should not be understated how manpower is the ultimate driving force of the construction industry. Expertise and certified qualifications should be prerequisites for professionals who want to enter the construction field since a career in this industry requires specialized skills and knowledge in multiple facets of the business. From managerial roles to electrical work, it is necessary for professionals in the construction field to receive proper training and education in order to function effectively. 

To provide the necessary education while simultaneously enhancing each construction professional’s aptitude in their field, the Construction Manpower Development Foundation, also known as CMDF, has established itself to provide crucial training and ultimately contribute to improving the country’s construction industry. 


Image from the Construction Manpower Development Foundation


While CMDF plays a very large role in the Philippines’ manpower development, the organization’s function is not simply limited to educating construction professionals. CMDF also tackles ongoing issues and challenges faced by the construction industry while providing professionals in the field with sufficient knowledge to solve the current problems and resources to improve the response if the issue arises again in the future. Issues like the lack of skilled workers and the growing number of underqualified professionals working in the field are some of the issues that CMDF is facing head-on. 

In a developing country like the Philippines, many sectors are experiencing improvement and expecting steady upward growth. The construction industry is not an exception to this, and in fact, was predicted to stay robust in the early years of this decade. While the construction sector is seeing promising results partly due to a developing economy, there are still many challenges that are present and CMDF is duly giving its contribution. In this article, we will discuss some of the challenges faced by the construction industry and what CMDF has done to address them.

CMDF To Answer The Issues In Quality Of Manpower In The Construction Industry 

Some of the biggest challenges in the Philippine construction industry are the result of the availability of workers who make up the construction labor force. While there is a significant number of professionals who belong to the construction industry in the country, there are still many issues that arise due to this very asset. Shortage of skills, technical education, and the overall productivity of the workforce are just a few of the issues. 

CMDF Productivity Training As Response To Shortage of Skilled Workers

Arguably one of the most important issues that require immediate solution, the shortage of skilled workers was accentuated and worsened by the recent global health pandemic. COVID-19 caused a significant drop in the number of professionals who could continue working in the field. As a consequence, the number of tenured workers with specialized experience became less, but the constant need to continue ongoing projects left companies to render the services of available but less qualified construction professionals.

Short-term courses on a wide range of skills and expertise in the construction industry are being offered by the CMDF for individuals or companies who want to improve their skills or train employees. CMDF aims to create a world-class local construction industry that adheres to international standards. As such, lessons and courses provided by CMDF utilize the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of the United States as an educational reference. 

With the aim of working with project managers, supervisors, engineers, and even students, CMDF’s productivity training programs are designed to increase the amount of available skilled workers who will enter the country’s construction industry. 

Skills Development and Livelihood Program To Tackle Issues In Technical Education and Training 

In just about any industry, technical knowledge is required for any professional to enter the field. In the construction industry, technical skills play a very important role in a professional’s workflow, especially those who work in crafts and machine operations. Many aspects of a construction worker’s job require precision and the ability to perform specialized tasks. However, this can be overlooked by the lack of sufficient technical skills and training that are provided to construction professionals.


Image from the Construction Manpower Development Foundation


To help alleviate this concern, CMDF offers skills development and livelihood programs to construction skilled workers, foremen, and interested engineering students. In addition to this, they offer heavy equipment operation and maintenance educational programs to professional mechanics and even interested high school graduates individuals as long they can prove basic knowledge of heavy equipment operation, and are physically and mentally fit to enroll in the training program. With these endeavors, CMDF hopes to increase the availability of highly skilled technical workers in the construction industry.

Safety Seminars and Courses To Increase Workforce Productivity

Safety is one of the most essential things that construction professionals should always observe. As such, CMDF also provides safety seminars and courses to project managers, supervisors, and field engineers in order to maintain and execute proper safety protocols in every construction project. 

CMDF On Professionalizing the Construction Industry

In line with the steady growth of the Philippine economy, the construction industry is experiencing growth and an increase in building projects and developments. The past and the current administration’s focus on improving the county’s infrastructure industry and making the Philippines more appealing to both local and international businesses is one reason for this. As a result, multiple government agencies, including CMDF, make it a priority to produce world-class, high-quality infrastructures for the benefit of the country and its foreign investors.

CMDF and other government agencies collaborate and highly skilled workers to produce high-quality infrastructure. This effort to increase the number of professionals in the country’s construction industry aims to improve the Philippine infrastructure, as well as the skills of the professionals who work in that field.

CMDF And Its Indispensable Role In The Country’s Construction Industry

Lack of sufficient manpower and technical skills affects the construction industry in many ways. Issues in the availability of skilled construction professionals have the potential to hurt the industry if not provided with a solution soon. The programs and courses on many aspects of the construction field offered by CMDF are meant to tackle these issues. 


Image from the Construction Manpower Development Foundation


With the consistent efforts of government foundations like the CMDF, the country’s construction industry can experience steady growth. Programs like such also provide the necessary help that the construction industry needs, especially after it suffered during and after the recent global pandemic. CMDF provides accessible education for individuals and companies who are interested in learning or improving their current knowledge and skills in the construction field. If programs like such continue to be utilized, the construction industry is bound to see some positive changes.



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