COVID-19 Guidelines for the Construction Industry

Editorial Staff     April 7, 2020

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COVID-19 Guidelines for the Construction Industry

With numerous countries focusing on deterring the spread of coronavirus through strict city lockdowns and quarantine protocols, many industries were left with no choice but to comply for the sake of health and safety. Because of the virus’ contagiousness, the construction sector took a huge hit in regards to material and workforce import. Besides that, many projects were left unfinished as workers were forced to stay at home.

But that does not mean that construction work is nonexistent during this period of social distancing. Innovators are looking to design quick-build quarantine facilities that will require a professional’s hand in building these medical structures. But how does one build under the scrutiny of COVID-19? 

Recently, the State of Victoria, Australia had just released guidelines concerning the construction industry and the people who work under these dire circumstances. Its purpose is to provide direction to employers and workers in ensuring a safe environment. The guidelines have been adopted by several related unions and associations, acknowledging the dangers and workarounds when working during these times.

Although the document was written for the Australian audience, much of its information can be applied in every construction worksite. Listed below are the key takeaways from the document that can aid workers in creating a safe and viable workspace:

  • The various control measures that employers and workers should follow.
  • What to do if a worker has been in contact or diagnosed with flu-like symptoms.
  • How to deal with a worker that had recently returned from abroad.
  • What to expect if an employer pushes for a site shutdown.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on casual workers.

You can read the entire document through this link.

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