Expected Trends in Construction After COVID-19 Pandemic

Editorial Staff     June 5, 2020

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Expected Trends in Construction After COVID-19 Pandemic

Businesses are having trouble adapting to a world that is still threatened by COVID-19. It is challenging, especially for the construction industry, due to the complicated nature of its work. Thankfully, the sector has seen numerous noteworthy innovations in the past decade that focus on improving health, productivity, and interconnectivity within the worksite.

Prefabricated Construction

The subject of prefab building trended past months due to the rising demand for healthcare facilities amid the pandemic threat. Among these related reports involves the hasty construction of several hospitals in China, which only took a few days to finish. Meanwhile, builders around the world instead focused on creating smaller modular facilities that aimed to lessen the burden of local healthcare institutions.

IRL Base Building.

But outside of healthcare construction, prefab building will likely continue to be popular with companies and developers thanks to its unique development process. With the nature of prefab construction, a house or small structure is built in a controlled environment such as a warehouse or a factory. These are then disassembled and delivered to the primary worksite to be reinforced and reassembled. The method is faster, safer, and more cost-effective than its traditional counterpart.


HVAC and Social Distancing Layouts

When it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, it’s almost always about improving the air quality of a given floor or building. Sure, temperature control is important, but so too are technologies that aid in eradicating bacterial threats from the outside world.

Best way to keep the virus at bay.

Companies are also expected to prioritize office remodeling efforts to make it more efficient for working with social distancing, as well as making their layout flexible to accommodate the ever-changing norms of our world. 


Digital and Remote Technologies

Thanks to the abundance of team communication apps out there, it is much easier for everyone to integrate their businesses into the digital world. But with the pandemic threat still at large, companies need to go the extra mile to avoid any chance of it spreading in the worksite. This means embracing all the advantages that project management and document sharing apps offer. The less a company is reliant on paper, the better.

Can’t send a text? Send a cyber-pigeon!

Outside of cloud-based tech, companies are also expected to invest in drones, virtual reality tools, and communication-based wearables. These would not only improve onsite safety but also exceed in creating a more efficient work environment for everyone. 

The one thing on everyone’s minds right now is improving the quality of their lives, be it in health, finance, or both. Construction may have suffered a blow in the past couple of months, but it is ready to get back on its feet and adapt to the needs of the people. 


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