Free E-Books for Civil Engineers

Editorial Staff     June 20, 2020

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Free E-Books for Civil Engineers

Civil engineers have complex jobs, which contribute a lot to society. With ever-changing innovations and technology, there is more to learn in order to grow in this career. Thankfully, there are free books online that can help people in finding the information they need. 

There are numerous websites that offer civil engineering related e-books for free. Whether you are striving to learn or relearn advanced topics, is a site that you can visit for legal and ad-free resources. 

Take your pick!

To help you get started, here are four books that are relevant in today’s climate.

Green Building with Concrete

Author: Gajanan Sabnis

The green building movement has always pushed for bettering the world with sustainable designs and eco-friendly development. The book, Green Building with Concrete,  aims to inform its readers on how concrete has helped shape the green building movement, from its history to an overview of modern construction trends.

Professionals in the industry are familiar with how harmful concrete and cement are to the environment. It would work to everyone’s advantages if engineers were to learn more about how they can build green and sustainable structures.

Download it here

Energy Efficient HVAC Design 

Author: Javad Khazii

The pandemic is not going away, at least not this soon. The best subject to familiarize yourself with during these times is air filtration systems or HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Companies will push for cleaner air and healthier workspaces for their people, so becoming knowledgeable in HVAC would be an advantage for you and the projects you’ll be working on.

Energy Efficient HVAC Designs aims to introduce the concepts and designs of HVAC to both novices and veterans of the industry. It hopes to inspire readers to take advantage of this technology and apply them to any of their future prospects.

Download it here 

Advanced Concrete Technology – Testing and Planning

Authors: John Newman and Ban Seng Choo

Much like the title, the book itself is straightforward in what it wants to inform the readers of. Advanced Concrete Technology – Testing and Planning covers everything there is to know about concrete, from a short introduction of the basics of concrete to material repair and quality control. It’s what every concrete enthusiast should have a copy of.

Download it here

The Ecology of Building Materials

Author: Björn Berge

The goal of The Ecology of Building Materials is to enlighten its readers with the unwanted effects the industry has on the environment. It is no secret that the construction industry has a waste problem concerning hazardous material use and resource abuse.

Inside this book, you will find a trove of topics that hopes to educate the readers about the numerous intricacies of construction pollution. It also delves deep into the aspects of sustainable building and raw material recycling, as well as tackles issues concerning environmental waste and abuse.

Download it here

Keep yourselves informed, as there’s plenty to know in the field of engineering. Enhance your stock knowledge today by reading a couple of these books at home or on-the-go!

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