5 Design Ideas Using Green Plants as Curtain

Hannah Arcenal     January 30, 2022

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5 Design Ideas Using Green Plants as Curtain

Green plants have always been used to add visual interest as interior design decor, display, or statement pieces. But have you tried to make curtains out of green plants?

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While green plant curtains are not relatively new, the idea of living plant curtains has gained popularity recently, especially with “plantitos” and “plantitas” who developed their interest in greenery during the pandemic. 

Green plant curtains have a lot of benefits for you and your home! Whether you are looking to add green elements to your home, create privacy from the outside world , perhaps have a natural shade from sunlight or want to improve air quality in your home, a beautiful green plant curtain will definitely make a statement for your space and provide those benefits! 


But what exactly is a green plant curtain? 

A green plant curtain is simply a curtain made of plants that can grow in different locations: indoor, outdoor or in balconies. 

Thinking of using green plant curtains for your space? Take note that planting green plant curtains would require a lot of planning:


  1. First, access your space. Take note that plant curtains require a quality growing medium and a location where your plants can receive enough sunlight. 

  2. Choose large pots for your plants. As your plants grow, it will require space that would allow ample room for root growth. 

  3. Take note that drainage holes are a necessity. Vine, crawling or trailing plants still require water, will need a drainage hole to avoid trapping water inside your pot. 

  4. Choosing the right plant is very important. Vining, crawling and trailing plants are common to use for curtain plants.

  5. Last, some plants require secured and strong trellis for the plants to climb into. Strong wooden trellises may be the best option to avoid trellis failure that may cause harm or injury. 


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Here are some green plant curtains design ideas you can try at home:  

  1. Trailing Plants in Hanging Pots

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Green plant curtains don’t have to look exactly like the usual curtains we know of. You can make use of hanging pots and allow your plants to grow. You can place them outside your home just beside your window or right outside your patio. 


  1. Hanging Trailing Plants

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Another curtain idea is hanging trailing plants which you can drape from your roof or any prominent place which serves as natural curtain. These are usually seen outdoors, specifically in gardens. 


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  1. Indoor Hanging Window Plants

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Hanging plants indoors is also another green plant curtain idea which you can easily try at home. You can simply hang it by your window as an alternative for curtains. Some plants you can use are English Ivy, Boston Fern and Spider plants—which all require enough sunlight, that is why we recommend placing them by your window. 


  1. Pothos Plants as Natural Curtains

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Being one of the easiest plants you can care for, Pothos or Devil’s Ivy are good choices to use as a green plant curtain. You can simply hang them by your window and with minimal attention, Pothos plants can still thrive and grow—which eventually would give you a Pothos natural curtain. 


  1. Climbing Plant as Curtains

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Climbing Plants are also good choices as natural curtains by placing them just outside your window. With the right care, these plants will grow and thrive, giving you a natural made curtain. Best type of plant for this kind of curtain idea is the Morning Glory plant. You can also use this idea in outdoor gardens or patios where you’d like to provide natural shade.  


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While these ideas are good and creative in elevating your space, remember that green plant curtains are still living things that need care. Providing enough sunlight, water, and enough space for it to grow is important for them to thrive. 


What do you think of these green plant curtain ideas?

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