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How To Get Better Chances Of Getting Your Building Permit Approved

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Preparing for a construction project involves a series of crucial steps, with securing a building project permit being one of the most important tasks to complete. Getting a building permit is a project requirement that ensures the legality of the project and its complete compliance with local construction regulations, which protects the safety of both the construction workers and the pedestrians who might be in constant proximity to the construction. The process of obtaining a building permit might be a complex and daunting process for many applicants, but it is important to remember that getting a building permit is possible with all the necessary requirements and there are a few ways to improve your chances of obtaining the document as soon as possible. 

Any type of construction project requires a building permit. Regardless of the purpose of the structure, be it residential, commercial, private, or government buildings, all property owners or those authorized by the owner must obtain the building permit before construction operations begin. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to improve your chances of getting a building permit approved. 


How To Get Better Chances Of Getting Your Building Permit Approved

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Preparing your building permit application requires a thorough understanding of all the specifications of the building project to ensure that all of it complies with the local building regulations. Many applicants find themselves stuck behind a hurdle of incomplete data, identified code violations, and even a general lack of understanding of what these violations were breaching. Below are 3 of the most important steps to take to ensure that your building permit application will be successful. 

Have All The Required Documents Ready

Just like all applications, having the required documents ready for submission is the most crucial step when obtaining a building permit. According to Fulgar Architect, all documents that the Philippine government requires before issuing a building permit fall into three categories, namely the Proof of Ownership documents, the Working Drawings, and the requirements to complete an application form. Below are documents that fall under these categories.

Application Form Requirements

  • 5 copies of the building permit application form 
  • 3 copies of the electrical permit form
  • 3 copies of the sanitary certificate 

Working Drawings

  • 5 sets of complete detailed plans (some municipalities may ask for additional copies)
  • Signed and sealed Structural Design Analysis by a licensed civil engineer for two-story buildings
  • Seismic Analysis and boring and plate load test for three or more story buildings
  • A photocopy of the Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) Number and Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license of all architects and engineers included in the project.

Proof Of Ownership

  • Certified copy of the Transfer Certificate Title filed with the Registry of Deeds
  • 5 copies of the Tax Declaration
  • 5 copies of the latest Real Property Tax Receipt
  • A Notarized copy of the Contract of Lease or Deed of Absolute Sale for those who are not the owner of the land.

Note that additional documents may be required, based on the size of the project.

Make Sure That All Information In Your Building Plans Are Clear, Concise, And Correct

Properly filled-out building permits application requirements and additional documents that are necessary for submission before approval should contain clear and correct information about the project. This will prevent the project from being flagged or halted before it even begins due to misinformation or lack of information included in the application form. By including all relevant and correct information in the building permit application form, the verification process may go smoother and increase the chances of getting the permit approved. 

Make Sure That Your Project Complies With ALL THE Local Building Standards And Regulations By The NBC

A building plan that follows all the local building codes and regulations set by the municipality of its construction will increase the likelihood of the project being approved quicker, rather than extending the approval period to amend and adjust the design before applying again to receive the permit. The Philippines’ National Building Code provides building safety regulations to ensure the safety of the construction site and the durability of the structure upon completion. 


Increasing Your Chances For Getting A Building Permit Approved

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Building permits are rewarded for construction projects that follow all the construction laws in the country. This is to ensure that all construction projects in the country will be built with high standards that will be fit for residential or commercial purposes for Filipinos. When applying for a building permit, make sure that all application requirements are filled out with correct information to increase the chances of the application being accepted and the permit being issued. 



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