How To Maintain Work-Life Balance In The Construction Industry

Editorial Staff     March 28, 2019

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How To Maintain Work-Life Balance In The Construction Industry

Whether you’re an architect, a contractor, or a construction worker, most people in the construction industry would agree that being in it is difficult. Between the long and inflexible hours, the changing weather conditions, and the volume of work, it’s apparent that there is a need for more work-life balance. In fact, a study made by researchers from RMIT University and Queensland University of Technology said that work-life conflict can be very damaging to certain factors. Namely, these are on job satisfaction, commitment, productivity turnover, absenteeism, burnout, mental health issues, and the like

That is why, though commitment to work is admirable, construction professionals have to be dedicated in maintaining a balance between their career and their free time. Here are ways to do so.

1. Determine your daily schedule


Listing what you need to do for the day every time you report to work is helpful in making you efficient. Here, you can determine the tasks you are sure you can do for that day. This makes it more possible for you to have free time for yourself. Going into the construction site with no plan in mind can cause you to delay your tasks, in turn delaying your project and leaving you with no time to rest.

2. Spend time with colleagues out of work


In a high-stress environment such as the construction industry, tensions can run high between you and your work colleagues. This may cause unnecessary friction and conflict, thereby affecting the project. In order to see each other in a less serious light, try to hang out with colleagues outside of work. Whether you eat lunch together or you go for drinks on a Friday night, this will help you bond better. Remind yourself that work is work and that you don’t have to carry the stress into your personal relationships.

3. Make time for your home and family


At the end of the day, your family is very important. They’re the reason why you do the work you do after all. But always remember to spend time with them after work. Even if you feel tired after a long day, your family is always there waiting for you to come home. Try to make time for them on your free time so they don’t feel neglected. Focusing too much on your work for their sake may have the consequence of causing a rift between you and them.

Knowing how to balance work and personal life is a difficult thing to learn. Everyone, including construction workers, are at risk of going too far in either direction, being too dedicated to work or not at all. But it’s not impossible to achieve this balance. You just have to know how to get enough of both your work and your personal life to make it. And since a good performance is important in the industry, getting that balance to happen is ideal for it can affect both employee morale and project results tremendously.

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