How to Style with Tiles: Ano Dapat ang Ginagamit sa Iba't-ibang Room ng Bahay - Pinoy Builders

How to Style with Tiles: Ano Dapat ang Ginagamit sa Iba’t-ibang Room ng Bahay

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Tiles are an important part of any home. Whether they serve as a fixture that is permanently attached to the floor or the wall of a home or serve as a decorative finish to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room or a space, tiles have an important role that blends practicality, functionality, and style. Indeed, this item is a popular choice in many homes due to its versatility. 

There are many types of tiles and each of them has a purpose or a feature that can accommodate the various demands of each space inside a house. Tiles are durable and can be used to protect the floors in rooms where there is high foot traffic. In other cases, tiles are used in areas where water spillage may be frequent. Matching the right tiles to each room inside the home ensures a practical solution tailored to the needs of a particular area–not to mention that many tiles add to the overall aesthetic of the room. Knowing how to style with tiles requires identification of both the demands of the room and the design of the house. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of tiles, which room they typically belong in, and how you can style your home with tiles!


The Most Common Types of Tiles and Their Application

1. Porcelain

Image from Real Simple

Porcelain tiles are one of the most common types of tiles. Since the material is very versatile, porcelain tiles are sometimes used to emulate wood, brick, or stone to get a natural look. Since it does not require a lot of maintenance and is very durable, porcelain tiles can be used outdoors or in high-traffic areas inside the home, like the kitchen or the bathroom.  


2. Marble 

Image from MyDomain

Marbles are another common, yet more pricey type of tile. Because it is more high maintenance and expensive compared to other types of tiles, marbles are often used as decorative or accent tiles, although sealants can be used to increase the durability of marble. Marble tiles are perfect for bathrooms or as tiles on a kitchen backsplash. 


3. Mosaic 

Image from MyDecorPad

A very common type of decorative tile, mosaic tiles are perfect for bringing together the interior design of your home. Mosaic tiles can be made in different shapes, sizes, and even materials, and they work best as wall applications such as inside the shower area, on a kitchen backsplash, or even on the entryway or the foyer. It is important to consider the material of the mosaic tile when deciding where to install it.


4. Cement 

Image from Architecture Art Design

One of the oldest types of tiles, cement tiles, is very versatile and can be used in different places inside the home. Cement tiles can be decorative, but their durability can also make them great installations in places with heavy foot traffic like the kitchen and bathrooms, once applied with sealants. Cement tiles are also great for completing patios, balconies, and garden pathways.


5. Ceramic

Image from The Spruce

Ceramic tiles are common because they are easy to install and clean. According to Real Simple, these types of tiles are also known to be durable and can be used in places with high foot traffic like the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and even your home’s entryway. And since they are very common, ceramic tiles also come in various shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect as long-lasting, decorative tiles. 


How to Style Your Home with Tiles

When styling your home with tiles, it is important to consider both the function of the tiles and the overall appearance of the design. Different parts of the house have different needs and simply choosing to install a tile inside a room for its appearance may not yield the best results in the long run. In most occupied places of the home, porcelain or ceramic tiles can be used. Cement and marble tiles can be durable with the right sealant, but they are more commonly used in low-foot traffic areas to preserve their appearance. When styling your home with tiles, make sure to consider the material, the best design, and the placement of the tiles to get the optimal use of the materials. 


The Best Tile For Your Home

Image from Fine Homebuilding

Choosing the best tile for your home ultimately depends on your preference. Different tiles have different strengths, such as durability and aesthetics, and a homeowner should carefully deliberate which function they are looking for before choosing a tile to be installed in their home. Whether the tiles are used to improve the aesthetic of the home or to reduce the damage of natural wear and tear of the home by adding protection to the floors and the walls, tiles are a great addition to the home and can bring character to your living space. 



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