Investment Ideas for your Holiday Bonus

Editorial Staff     December 12, 2019

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Investment Ideas for your Holiday Bonus

The last month of the year has come, and one of the blessings every adult looks forward to is their 13th month pay, better known as the Christmas bonus. With this year-end bonus, it has become too easy to fall prey to the aggressive seasonal marketing that vows to convince citizens to spend their hard-earned cash on whatever promo they are peddling. Take your pick: It can be a discounted luxury smartphone, limited-edition stamp redeemables from coffee shops or a holiday getaway package that are sure to eat away half of an average month’s salary.


Not to imply that spending money to create fun memories is a bad thing, but the temptation of frivolous spending comes strong during the ‘ber’ months’. One moment, you have enough cash to let you lunch at better places for the next 200 workdays, the next it is all gone like the flame of a candle in the autumn winds. Instead of seasonal shopping drives, why not invest your bonus on something more fruitful? Investing has often been seen as gamble that numerous people have tried but only a few managed to reap their promised benefits. There is always a risk in investments but if you can take the heat, then you can turn your 13th-month pay into a gift that will keep on giving.



Financial preparedness is always of timeless relevance. As mentioned before, being economically aware of your spending habits is considered a huge advantage. You are less likely to be pressured by hours of commercial ads telling you how to spend your hard-earned cash before the promo period runs out. Financially prepared people know how to save, and when the time comes where you need to withdraw a big one, you’ll be glad that you decided not to go on a spending spree last Christmas!


Real Estate 

This is one of the most familiar side ventures that is simple on paper but quirte expensive to pursue. Not every Filipino can afford to buy a house, much less afford to be in debt because of it for years to come. However, the rental business is a lucrative prospect if done properly. Having a house built or maintained will require your attention and it can take years before you could start earning back the money you put in but if you manage to get one home up and running for rent, then a decade’s worth of waiting won’t feel too long.


Banks and Stocks 

Earning money with your savings is something of a complicated effort. The simplest process involves opening up a bank account and have the interest earn you a few hundred pesos every few years or so. The more you have saved, the more money you earn. But interest earnings are hardly anything to lean on when it comes to making money.

Stocks, on the other hand, is what one might consider as “legal gambling”. If you decide to risk some of your earnings in stock investment, then take the time to understand how it all works, either online or through an expert.



These are what are known as digital money that was mined online and is sold as volatile currency. The earliest form of this is known as “Bitcoin”, which is now recognized as an international currency. During its early years, Bitcoin was invaluable, but its value slowly grew from cents to thousands, and those who invested in it have turned into what many would call as “Bitcoin Millionaires”. Its history is full of ups and downs, and getting into cryptocurrencies at present is more risky than before, but it is a venture that is worth looking into if you are up for an alternative to stock trading.


Video Game Markets 

Similar to Bitcoin, only instead of virtual coins from cryptocurrency mining, it’s virtual items from virtual markets. Buying and selling virtual cosmetics through several online video games such as Runescape, Team Fortress 2, and PUBG and then reselling them is a somewhat decent venture to get into. However, cosmetic trends are not consistent, and one virtual hat priced at $3000 price can end up valued in cents and vice-versa if the trends deem it so.


Small Businesses 

Buy and sell businesses, minor delivery services, and food stalls for nearby schools and buildings are just some of the things you can invest in. Start-up costs can range between 10k-250k as the bare minimum, so don’t head straight into a small business just yet. Plan out and strategize. Get some business leads, have a following, find out where the demand for the service your offering is, and research the basics while maintaining your job. One good example of a small business is catering to the stomachs of the call center graveyard shifts. If you’re good at baking, sell your baked goods by advertising your skills and products on social media.


Holidays are an eventful time of the year. It is easy to be persuaded to spend most of one’s holiday pay as a way to let off some steam and have fun with friends and families, but for those people who have little reason to spend, then you can take the time to review other ways of putting your savings to good use.

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