Keeping your Workshop Tidy and Organized

Keeping your Workshop Tidy and Organized

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Organization is paramount to creating quality work in an enclosed area such as a workshop. It can get messy in there, especially for those using it for an on-demand service. Some say it gets better by the day, that they eventually know their way in the chaos of their own making. 

But such a system only gives the impression of efficiency. So long as they cannot compare their performance to working in a clean and organized environment, they will believe that they are working at their peak. But once they see the beauty of working in a clutter-free place, they will come to understand the importance of keeping things in order, among other hidden benefits.

Here are some workshop essentials you should have to help make the most out of your workspace!


Toolboxes, shelves, and racks.

Everyone needs a designated storage space for the usual DIY items. Toolboxes have evolved in the past couple of decades, going from simple containers to becoming something of a portable showcase drawer with dividers and compartments. These, along with cabinets and other enclosed containers help keep your tools safe from air and moisture-based corrosion. They can also keep children from getting to your precious tools easily.  



Read more about DIY cabinets here


Shelves and Tool Racks

Opening containers like shelves and racks, on the other hand, provides improved accessibility for the builder. Much like cabinets, you can either buy one from a hardware store or make them yourself to the size and materials you want. They are great for maximizing the workshop’s space, especially if you decide to install wall shelves or hanging racks. 

We recommend investing in floating shelves or even making them yourself, as seen in this video


Pegboard organizers

Pegboards are the most popular organizers in the DIY world. They help keep your workshop tidy, and they provide owners a reason to put their precious tools on display for visitors to see. Pegboards are usually mounted on the walls where the workbench is. You can hang almost every kind of common tool on it for easy access. It even allows for easy DIY plywood shelf installation and other forms of pegboard customization.  

 Adding plywood shelves and light sources are recommended. Photo courtesy of WoodshopPlans

You can get one from a hardware store or online for over P1,200, though smaller desk pegboards are also available for as low as P400+


Benchtop organizers and container racks

The smaller version of pegboards comes in the form of tiny containers that were made specifically for storing small items such as screws, multitools, and plugs. 

Portable container for screws and other small items.

These organizers are cheap, with some having been designed for portability. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, recycling old multi-purpose containers is just as effective.

A DIY Benchtop Organizer.


Daily and monthly workshop cleaning

As a final reminder, always keep the workshop spacious and free of clutter. Cleaning after the day is over is crucial, and doing a once-a-month thorough inspection can help mitigate cases of lost parts and potential workplace hazards. 

Looks like we missed a spot…

Keeping the place clean also prevents it from becoming too inviting to pests, especially common ones that hide in dark storage spaces containing rarely used materials like cans of paint and varnish. 

One should also remember to care for the tools by cleaning them regularly and keeping them away from moist areas.

Treat your workshop the same way your family— with respect and care. There is nothing more satisfying than to have a personal hub that you can use your talents in, whether for repair jobs or for manufacturing personalized trinkets. A workplace can be a mirror of a person’s state of mind, and while a little bit of clutter isn’t all bad, it can lead to negative complacency in the long run.

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