Lagusnilad In Manila Set To Shut Down Operations For 4 Months

Joanna Marie Santos     May 18, 2023

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Lagusnilad In Manila Set To Shut Down Operations For 4 Months

Thousands of motorists use Lagusnilad every day but this flow of traffic was abruptly stopped last May 2. Officials state that the closure of Lagusnilad is meant for rehabilitation, making essential changes and updates to the underpass for the benefit of the motorists. Of course, this improvement does not go without a few ramifications, as the multilane underpass is now closed for a few months to all private and public vehicles.

The Manila Public Information Office announced the closure, saying that the rehabilitation is estimated to last for four months, although they gave leeway to this expected schedule, saying that if the project extends, it should not until after September.

Previous Rehabilitation Projects

The Lagusnilad underpass has undergone a series of improvement projects and updates just these recent years. In 2020, the Manila City administration under then Manila mayor Isko Moreno also gave the road infrastructure a much-needed renovation and refurbishment. A creative mural dedicated to the city of Manila was also installed in the underpass as a celebration of the new administration, and of course, to give a nod to the citizens of the Philippines’ capital city.

This 2020 rehabilitation has used up 5 million pesos of contribution from private companies like Boysen Paints and from government agencies like the National Commission for Culture and Arts. As for the mural that was painted in the likes of the Botong Francisco painting located inside the Bulwagan of the Manila City Hall, it was done as a service by artists who finished the mural without asking for any payment.

This renovation was also an effort to clean up the many streets and road infrastructures of Manila, including the iconic Lagusilad underpass and many of the other pedestrian overpasses in the city. Street vendors who heavily contribute to the pollution in the city streets were prevented from occupying space along the streets and underpasses, the Lagusilad included. According to the Philippine News Agency, only the bookstore was allowed to sell in the Lagusnilad underpass, which of course has also halted operations during this current rehabilitation project.

Alternative Roads To Accommodate Lagusnilad Renovation Project

As with any major road infrastructure rehabilitation project, heavy traffic congestion around the area is to be expected. The Lagusnilad underpass is set to cause traffic issues after closure, but the government has already planned alternative routes for motorists who have no other choice but to use the same lane.

One lane of the Lagusnilad underpass will remain open, and there are other route suggestions for motorists who want to go around the construction project. For motorists who still want to use the same route of the Lagusnilad to Taft Avenue, one lane will stay open for them, although changing of open lanes can change at any point of the construction project.

A Better Lagusnilad

The Lagusnilad is an essential road infrastructure utilized by thousands and thousands of public and private motorists every single day. At the same time, this area serves as a trusted route for pedestrians who travel around Manila City. Once the Lagusnilad rehabilitation is over, motorists can expect a smoother road for a much safer driving experience.



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