Lighting Tips for the Holiday Season

Pinoy Builders     December 12, 2019

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Lighting Tips for the Holiday Season

The December celebrations are back, and the familiar imagery of joy and fun are just around the corner. Whether it’s because of the holidays or something else, you know it is going to be far more eventful than your past weeks. In fact, one of the most visually iconic features of the year-end festivities are the holiday decorations one would find almost everywhere, whether you’re at a residential or commercial district. Beautiful as they are, news media would often comment over holiday fires due to faulty lighting or their improper handling. If you are planning to make your house the center of attention, here are some key tips for you to take note of!


Don’t go for the cheapest, go for the safest!

Keep an eye out for the kind of lights that would take a load off your mind, like LED lights. This ensures far better customer safety guarantees, all with less power consumption. Using low-quality lights or cheap lights is too risky to consider, especially if you plan to keep them on through the night.


Inspect your lights!

Always inspect the quality of the lights you intend to use. This includes the lights you intend to buy or the ones that you have had in your storage for almost a decade.


Don’t leave them on!

While it may feel like a waste, going through the trouble of making your house grand only to switch off the lights at midnight, adhering to this precaution makes far too much sense to ignore. Not only will turning the lights off before going to bed save you money, but it will aid in letting you sleep easier at night. Turn off the display if you’re the last person awake in your household.

 Alternately, if the lights or their outlets have special timer features, use them, so you don’t need to wait until midnight to turn them off.


Outlets and extension cord abuse.

Tempting as it is, avoid overloading your power outlets through the use of extension cords. Just because nothing happened in the previous year does not mean you are forever free from electrical accidents. Use the right amount of holiday lights for your home.

Everyone should exercise proper caution for these, as such a joyous occasion should not soon be associated with terrible memories.

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