LIST: Job Opportunities in Construction Industry

Feliz Grace Bueno     August 20, 2021

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LIST: Job Opportunities in Construction Industry

Finding a new job can be a challenging and frustrating experience. We’ll make your job search a bit easier! We have compiled a list of the top job vacancies nationwide in the construction industry that might interest you. 

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Top Job Vacancy from PEIS

Here are this week’s top job vacancy from PESO Employment Information System (PEIS):


Laborer                                –        600 job vacancies

Construction Laborer           –        550 job vacancies

Fitter Helper                         –        500 job vacancies

Peon (Unskilled laborer)      –        500 job vacancies

Mason (General)                  –        132 job vacancies

Welder                                 –         74 job vacancies

Automotive Mechanic          –         54 job vacancies

Carpenter (General)            –         50 job vacancies

You can check the DOLE-Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) Facebook page for more details and updates about the positions.


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Moreover, here’s some construction-related job vacancies around the Metro!


Mechanic                          –        3 job vacancies

Steelman                          –        50 job vacancies

Carpenter                         –        50 job vacancies

Mason                               –        250 job vacancies

Laborer                             –          50 job vacancies

Industrial Engineer           –           4 job vacancies

Interior Designer               –          1 job vacancy

Mechanical Engineer        –          1 job vacancy

Junior Architect                 –          5 job vacancies

Engineering Staff              –          5 job vacancies

For more details about the position, visit PESO City of Manila Facebook page.


Quantity Surveyor Engineer


Truck/Bus Drivers

For more details about the position, visit PESO Malabon Facebook page.


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Forklift Operator – 2 job vacancies

Mechanic – 1 job vacancies

Industrial Electrician – 1 job vacancies

Plumber – 3 job vacancies

Electrician – 4 job vacancies

Repair and Maintenance – 3 job vacancies

For more details about the position, visit PESO Pasig Facebook page.


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More opportunities

To keep you updated on job hirings and vacancies, you can check out the PESO directory on the BLE website and apply to the PESO office near you. For those seeking government job vacancies, check-out Civil Service Commission Job Opportunity List!

Apart from it, you may also visit Trabaho Negosyo Kabuhayan (TNK) online on DOLE-BLE for other job opportunities, entrepreneurial options, and training offerings.

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