Metro Pacific Sets Sights on Cebu Expressway and Bohol Bridge Projects - Pinoy Builders

Metro Pacific Sets Sights on Cebu Expressway and Bohol Bridge Projects

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One of the biggest infrastructure developers in the Philippines, Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MICP) has expressed its intent to pursue two major local infrastructure projects in Visayas. MICP has offered its bid to secure both the P90 B Cebu to Bohol bridge and the P94 B Metro Cebu Expressway aimed at creating a link and ease traffic flow from Naga City to Danao.

The expressway project was bid for consulting services this June 2023 with the prospect that the projects can create smooth urban inter-modal transport while also improving the region’s economic and tourism sectors. The Cebu-Bohol bridge is a continuation of the proposed Cebu-Bohol Friendship bridge originally proposed in 2016 under then-president Rodrigo Duterte’s infrastructure program Build, Build, Build and which was halted due to reasons of technological scarcity and lack of proper funding.

MICP’s capacity to pick up these projects is undeniable. MICP is significant, holding control over most of the necessary infrastructure and resources distributed in the Philippines, with emphasis on the country’s metropolitan area. MICP owns eight major hospitals in the country and also holds Manila Electric, Maynilad Water Services, and Metro Pacific Tollways. With these qualifications, MICP charges forward with the intent to secure more major road infrastructure projects in the Philippines and proposed their bid for the Cebu to Bohol bridge and the Metro Cebu expressway.

Metro Pacific Group Wants To Secure Two Big Ticket Projects

The Cebu to Bohol Bridge and the Metro Cebu Expressway (MCE) do not come without their own set of challenges. Each project requires billions of pesos in funding and access to state-of-the-art construction equipment in order for the proposed projects to be completed. Regardless, MICP proves to be confident to have the financial resources needed in order to achieve successful project completion within the proposed timeframe without compromising the operation and output quality of both projects.

The proposal for the MCE intends to complete a 56.9-kilometer-long highway to serve as a north-to-south backbone route in Visayas to ease the usual traffic congestion from Naga City to Danao, especially in Cebu City’s major business district. To achieve a seamless road experience, the project is bound to build a highway that runs across the Cebu Province mountain ranges. The task does not appear to waver MICP’s intent to pursue. In an interview with The STAR, CCLEX President Allan Go Alfon claims that the MCE project has always been eyed by MICP even when the government kept moving the project timeline.

“For as long as we see financial viability, investors like us will always want to consider the MCE seriously,” said Alfon.

Image from CCLEX website

On the other hand, the Cebu to Bohol bridge project requires fewer financial resources from the MICP, but there still remain technological challenges that the corporation should be able to overcome once the government bids out the project.

Connecting Visayas

The proposed Metro Cebu expressway and Cebu to Bohol bridge project hold great potential in transforming the transportation infrastructure of the Visayas islands. The proposed projects are meant to improve the accessibility, economy, and tourism industry of the Philippines. These initiatives offer viable solutions for constant issues like traffic congestion and the extended traffic time required to travel from one place to another.

With Metro Pacific’s expertise and commitment to these proposed construction projects, responsible construction practices can be expected and both projects will receive high-quality and sustainable materials. Public-private partnerships like such can bolster economic progress and highlight the transformative power of infrastructure development in countries like the Philippines.


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