Myth Buster: Do Inverter Appliances Really Bring Down the Electricity Bill?

Joanna Marie Santos     September 13, 2023

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Myth Buster: Do Inverter Appliances Really Bring Down the Electricity Bill?

The technology behind inverter appliances has been around for a while now, but modern home inverter appliances have stirred the curiosity of homeowners who are looking to find the most energy-efficient appliances for their homes. Heating and cooling inverter appliances are designed to control the device’s compressor speed, ultimately reducing energy waste and power consumption. However, some homeowners are meeting the technology with skepticism and are wondering if the actual function of an inverter appliance is truly worth its cost.  

From substantial electricity cost reduction to overall improved energy savings, inverter appliances are said to be more efficient than their traditional counterpart. However, the upfront cost of some inverter appliances may raise some skepticism from some homeowners about the actual benefits and effectiveness of the technology. In this article, we will discuss what power inverters are, how they work, and if the technology can bring down the cost of a household’s energy consumption. 


What Is An Inverter And How Does It Work?

Image from ACISIS Airconditioning warehouse

The technology behind inverter appliances has been around since the late nineteenth century and was popularized in the modern household setting by the Japanese electronic manufacturing brand Toshiba in the 80s. Inverter technology works by eliminating the on-and-off cycle that most traditional electrical appliances, like refrigerators and air conditioners, have in order to maintain a certain temperature. With a power inverter, the appliance’s compressor motor will be controlled at a steady rate, consequently reducing the amount of power that is used when turning the motor on and off. As a result, power consumption is reduced, and the cost reflected in electricity bills is lowered.


Do Inverter Appliances Really Bring Down the Electricity Bill?

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Inverter appliances can reduce energy consumption compared to that of a traditional electrical appliance. This means that an appliance with a fully functional inverter can bring down the cost of power that is reflected in the electricity bill if the saving is compared to the usual cost of power of an electrical appliance without an inverter function. According to an article published by Daikin, an air conditioner with an inverter is energy-efficient and capable of saving up to 70% of power compared to its traditional counterpart. 

In addition to its electrical saving capability, an inverter is also environmentally friendly, as the function of the technology results in a significantly lower production of C0₂. An appliance with an inverter produces less carbon emissions than traditional appliances, making the technology much more preferable for homeowners who are looking for a more sustainable alternative. 


Are Inverter Appliances Better Than Traditional Appliances?

The upfront cost of inverter appliances is usually higher than traditional appliances, but the cost-efficiency of inverter appliances can benefit the homeowner in the long run. In addition to a lower electricity bill, inverter appliances are also environmentally friendly and are a better option for the environment. Choosing the right type of appliance requires careful deliberation of the pros and cons of each device. When thinking about the financial cost, is also important to consider the future expenses, in addition to the upfront price of the appliance. 



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