Pinoy Builders Webinar – Cement Basics and Types

Editorial Staff     May 21, 2020

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Pinoy Builders Webinar – Cement Basics and Types

We all know that cement is one of the best and most familiar construction materials in the industry. But what else is there to the gray substance that forms the foundation of most structural projects? Pinoy Builders recently held a webinar that explains the importance and inner workings of cement. You can watch the recorded version of it in the video below.

If it’s too long for your tastes, we’ve also included a timestamp here and in the video description so you can fast forward to the parts that you are interested in!


2:10 – Program Start

3:50 – Cement, what it is and how it is made

4:10 – Historic Facts

6:20 – Modern Cement Production

7:25 – Cement Basics – Definition and Modern Uses

9:50 – How is Cement Produced?

13:10 – Guide for Cement Design

16:40 – How Cement Plants Operate

17:50 – How Does Cement Harden?

18:35 – How Portland Cement React with Water

22:57 – How Blended Cement React with Water

22:35 – Cement Hydration

24:19 – Classification of Cement in the PH

25:07 – Types of Portland Cement

30:25 – Known Properties of Blended Cement

35:10 – Challenge of Blended Cement in the PH

Special thanks to Eng. Dick Bon Salcedo, Technical Services Officer of Holcim Philippines for hosting the event! Don’t forget to subscribe! Leave a like and comment after watching! 

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