Pinoy Builders Webinar – Role of Cement and Aggregates in Durability of Concrete

Editorial Staff     November 24, 2020

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Pinoy Builders Webinar – Role of Cement and Aggregates in Durability of Concrete

Concrete may seem basic at first glance, but a lot of thought is put into creating the right kind of batch for the project you are working on. Aggregates, mixing techniques, the weather – they all affect the quality in simple. but profound ways. Delve into the heart of concrete and see the science behind these simple, yet important building materials.

This webinar was held last October 21, 2020. For those of you who missed out, don’t worry, we have timestamps below and more webinars coming your way. Stay tuned!


Role of Cement in Concrete Durability

05:10 – Intro to Clinkers

10:35 – Classification of Cement in the Philippines

  •    Portland Cement
  •    Blended Cement

15:05 – How Cement Reacts with Water

17:55 – Cement and Concrete

18:50 – Factors that Influence the Quality of Concrete

19:08 – Concrete Durability

19:54 – Concrete Deterioration Causes 

20:35 – Porosity and Permeability of Concrete

23:15 – Sulphate Attack on Concrete

27:20 – Carbonation of Concrete

31:04 – Summary


Role of Aggregates in the Durability of Concrete

35:14 – Typical Concrete Components

37:16 – Properties of Concrete Influenced by Aggregates

  • Workability

  • Strength

  • Durability

  • Cost Efficiency

46:08 – Effects of Aggregate Properties on Concrete Performance

  • Workability

  • Strength

01:01:59 – Aggregate Surface Texture

01:04:31 – Aggregate Particle Shape 

  • Durability

01:10:23 – Aggregate Toughness and Durability 

01:12:12 – Akali Silica Reaction

01:15:35 – Summary

01:17:47 – Q&A

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