Residential Building Trends In The Philippines

Pinoy Builders     August 22, 2019

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Residential Building Trends In The Philippines

There are many details that need to be considered when designing a residential building. As a Pinoy Builder, it’s a must that we look at every aspect of the project to ensure that our plan is executed well. One such contributor to getting the design carried out well for the project is through materials selection. Good quality building materials may cost a little more, but they can save you money in the long run. Manufacturers of high-quality products usually come with a warranty, as well as excellent after sales service.

Today, there is a demand for sustainable construction, primarily due to the effects of climate change that people are experiencing. The incidences of disasters related to it like flash floods and extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more common these days. There are reports that show a direct correlation between the collective carbon footprint among individuals, organisations, and products and its effects on the environment. Because of this, its reduction has become an objective.

Here are trends that can help build sustainable residential projects:

Be Energy Efficient

Property owners can make use of energy saving technologies and techniques. One example is Green Architecture Advocacy Philippines (Green AP) Chairman Mike Guerrero’s steps in employing a more sustainable design.

For instance, the indoor temperature can be regulated by using sun-shading devices and thicker walls. Insulating the roof can likewise help reduce heat that comes from direct sunlight. Making use of natural lighting will not only help in saving energy, it can also help boost one’s immune system through natural Vitamin D from sunlight.

Achieve Net-Zero Status

Partnering up with energy-efficient designs, a net-zero building is a structure that uses energy as much as the renewable energy it creates on-site or nearby. Normally, this is used for commercial buildings. With technology today, however, it has become feasible even for residential buildings.

Do you think this is far-fetched and impossible? Net-zero buildings are slowly becoming the norm. By 2020, the state of California is going to require all residential buildings that will be built to incorporate net-zero status in their design.

Consider Water Conservation Systems

This year, there have been several water interruptions causing discomfort for most Filipinos. Aside from that, there also worry over Angat Dam’s water level dropping even with the country facing one tropical storm after another.

With water-saving innovation and initiatives, every Filipino household can help save on water. Residential buildings will benefit greatly when their designs low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads. Harvesting rainwater has also proven to be useful for flushing toilets, watering the garden, and even for washing cars.

Opt For Cost-Efficient and High Quality Products

It’s time to change the thinking that expensive goods automatically means better quality. Property owners do not have to spend so much to have a home that will look spectacular. There are actually products that have an upscale look and feel but does not cost too much. It is only a matter of being patient in looking for the materials that you, your clients, and your budget approves of.

Designs That Prove To Be Resilient And Sustainable

There’s a growing number of innovative materials used for green building. There is a higher demand these days that came as a result of the increase in awareness of these products. More than strength and durability, the construction industry in the Philippines is exploring these initiatives for long-term benefits.

Lessening the ecological impact of every project can prove to be quite a challenge, but not impossible. There are numerous licensed green engineers and architects who are well informed about the latest trends and technology in residential building. With the help of knowledge and expertise of these professionals, as well as the constant innovations in the green building field, every residential building can contribute to the betterment of the lives of every Filipino.

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