Saan Aabot ang 1M Mo?: The Minimum Expense for Building a House in Metro Manila - Pinoy Builders

Saan Aabot ang 1M Mo?: The Minimum Expense for Building a House in Metro Manila

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Owning a home in the Philippines is a big decision to make, as it requires a lot of factors that need to be carefully considered. Land prices, cost of materials and even professional fees can all influence the price of constructing a house in the country. Moreover, the location of the property is also a big factor that affects the expense of the building project. 


Property prices change as the economy shifts. In the Philippines, the country’s GDP in 2023 had a significant expansion that affected the cost of homes and land properties. This change directly affects the buying power of Filipinos, since the shift in the economy also increased the cost of living in the country. Buying a home is still a big dream for many Filipinos, as many believe that having their own abode is one of the first steps to achieving a better life.


1 Million Home In Metro Manila: Is It Possible? 

Owning a home in Metro Manila may seem out of the realm of possibility nowadays. Many Filipinos are left wondering if constructing a home in the vicinity is still possible if their budget is limited to 1 million pesos. Constructing a 1 million peso home is achievable in the Philippines, although many adjustments and changes should be made if the property is based in one of the country’s major cities. This is especially true for those cities located in Metro Manila. Below are the various factors that affect the expenses in the construction of a residential home, as well as the requirements needed in order to begin a construction project in Metro Manila. 


1 Million Metro Manila Home: The Factors To Consider

According to ARCGO, the estimated cost per square meter in the National Capital Region was ₱43,271.92 in the final quarter of 2022. Based on this number, building a bare home in Metro Manila in 2023 is possible if the property is a tiny house with less than 22 square meters of living space. A bare home would be the very base of the house, without any fixtures like lighting, tiling, and additional ventilation. 


The overall cost of the home construction largely depends on the location of the project. In the Philippines, the price of building a home is much higher in Metro Manila compared to residential home projects that are located in the provinces. However, the tourism and economy of the city also affect the total cost of the project. For example, building a home in Makati City is more expensive than building a home in Baguio City, but building a home in Baguio City costs more than building a home in Misamis Occidental. Below are the factors that should be considered when figuring out the estimated cost of building a home. 


The Size Of The House

Apart from the location, the size of the house is also important. The number of square meters, rooms, bathrooms, floors, and other inclusions will also affect the cost of the construction project. 



The estimated price of a bare home construction project in the Philippines with no ceiling, bare concrete floors, and basic aluminum windows is estimated to be 22,000.00 per square meter. With standard materials like gypsum ceilings, vinyl floors, and PVC windows, the estimate increases to 35,000.000 pesos per square meter. A home construction project with high-end finishing like tiled ceilings, natural stone floors, and full windows is estimated to cost around 45,000.00 per square meter. 


Image from Philippine Statistics Authority

Another factor to consider is the significant decrease in the price of construction materials as of July 2023, compared to the same period last year. According to a graph published by the Philippine Statistics Authority, the construction materials retail price index rose to 7.0 percent in July 2022, but it lowered to 1.5 percent in July of this year.


The Type Of Finish 

Interior finishes and fixtures amount to 26.8% of the total home construction cost in the Philippines, according to data from Nieves Construction. 


Completing a 1 million home construction in Metro Manila may be possible, but only after forgoing the basic fixtures necessary to make a house into a home. A Metro Manila home with a standard and semi-elegant finish may require a higher budget that 1 million pesos can not easily cover, considering all other factors that are included in the budget, like the foundation, the plumbing, and the professional fees. 


10 Million Home In Metro Manila: Is It Possible? 

A 1 million peso budget for a home construction project in Metro Manila may be a challenging goal to accomplish, but with an additional 9 million, a home project with a standard or semi-elegant finish is possible. Other residential construction projects like a pre-fabricated shipping container home are possible with a 6 million pesos budget, according to an estimated home container construction project by ARCGO. This includes the direct costs of ground, concrete, rebar, and masonry works. It also includes the indirect cost that covers professional fees and other overhead expenses.


Building A Home In The Philippines

Constructing a 1 million peso home with a standard finish is possible in the Philippines, as long as the project is not based in Metro Manila or other cities where the cost of living is higher. If the project is located in Metro Manila, there will be many major drawbacks that can reduce the quality of the house. When searching for a place to build your own home, it is also important to consider the quality of life that you will be having inside the house, just as one considers the convenience of its location. 



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