Can You Build A House in a Day? Check Out Slater Young’s Latest Innovation!

Can You Build A House in a Day? Check Out Slater Young’s Latest Innovation!

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Building homes usually takes weeks, months, or even years, depending on the size and materials used in construction. But is it possible to construct a house in a day? 

Image from YouTube/Slater Young

Cebu based social media personality and entrepreneur Slater Young started his company LiteCrete back in 2015 and produced the famous lightweight and eco-friendly Liteblocks. 

Apart from being lightweight and sustainable, Liteblocks boasts different innovative features and advantages:

Image from YouTube/Slater Young


  1. Heat-Thermal Insulation

It is 5x cooler than traditional hollow blocks. 


  1. Superior sound insulation

Insulates sounds, giving you a quieter space.


  1. Workable

Liteblock can be cut, sawn, drilled, chiseled, and screwed using common construction tools


  1. Strong & Durable

Apart from houses, it can also be used for high-rise interior and exterior walls.


  1. Low water absorption

It can be used in wet areas and exterior walls without the worry of molds, algae and powdering.


  1. Installed like Lego blocks

Which makes easier, faster and impressively straighter wall installations. 


  1. Low Cost

Since it is easier to install, it cuts down construction time and can also cut down cost. 


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Since its released, Liteblock has received excellent reviews in the construction industry. 

In a video on his YouTube channel, Slater Young introduces a bigger version of the Liteblock with the same qualities. The Litecast is a lightweight precast panel that is half the weight of the traditional concrete that we usually see in buildings and infrastructures. 

Just like Liteblock, Litecast is also suitable for building different infrastructures faster since it is easier to transport, install and assemble. What makes it also revolutionary is that it is adjustable. 

In the said YouTube video, Slater showed building a fence using the Litecast precast panels. He reveals that because it is lightweight; you don’t need special or heavy equipment when installing Litecast panels. They can also easily transport it using construction trucks. 


Image from Youtube/Slater Young


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With four panels installed in an hour and a half, imagine they can build how much in one full day? 

Though not relatively new in the construction industry, what makes the Litecast panels groundbreaking is that it is half the weight of a regular precast panel which makes it easier to transport and quick to install. 

Given Liteblock’s Core Missions: To make homes cheaper and better, the Litecast is a perfect material for constructing prefab modular homes. Since it is lightweight, it allows hassle-free transport to the site with quick and easy assembly. 

Modular Homes are houses built section by section off site. It is built and is readily fabricated in a factory setting. The materials are transported to the location where these homes will be installed easily compared to the traditional constructed homes we know of. 

Litecast panels can be a good choice when constructing modular homes, given these are readily made off site. It is also easy to install, saving time and money during the construction process. This fulfills Liteblock’s mission: providing cheaper and better homes built in a day! 


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What do you think of Slater Young’s latest innovation?


You can watch the while video here:


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