Top 5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Construction

Pinoy Builders     March 28, 2019

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Top 5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Construction

Though building structures is very important to the modernization of the country, we must still be wary of what these construction projects can do to the environment. Not employing the strategies for green construction can have long-term consequences to Mother Earth. What’s the use of these buildings, roads, and structures we’re constructing if the Earth is far too damaged to inhabit anyway?

Fortunately, green construction isn’t difficult to do, and its methods not impossible to implement. Here are some green construction tips and strategies you can use the next time you’re doing a construction project.

1. Use sustainable materials


When getting tools and ingredients for your construction project, whether it be environment-friendly cement or similar products, sustainability is quite important. This involves using green materials that don’t emit as much carbon that can destroy the environment. Avoid using products that not only harm the environment, but can harm you as well, particularly your respiratory functions. You should also use locally-sourced materials for both convenience and reduction of your carbon footprint.

2. Properly dispose materials


A construction site often produces lots of waste such as excess concrete, cement bags, and the like. At the end of the day, these waste materials should be properly disposed as to not make a mess for the coming days of the construction. Not properly throwing them away can lead to an accumulation of trash that will be harder to clean up. Work with a reputable waste disposal service for this.

3. Recycle water


In any sustainable construction project, conserving water is an important factor. For example, collecting rain water can lead to the water’s use for landscape irrigation. Aside from this, water condensation from HVAC units can also be collected and used for the same reasons. Practicing these methods helps you find new purpose for the materials that would otherwise get thrown away in a normal construction site.

4. Make use of other power sources


There are well-known alternative sources of power such as solar and wind power that you can use for your projects. Not only do these methods reduce your grid reliance, it also lessens the strain from electricity providers. These power sources also offer natural and less harmful ways of generating power for the building you’re constructing.

5. Increase green space in your projects


Rather than simply building a commercial area, you should do a mixed approach and incorporate green spaces into your projects. For example, rather than build a simple condominium, why not build a condominium with a mini park inside? Or perhaps you can add green spaces on the rooftops and other parts of the building? With how there’s a lack of more natural spots in the city, your construction should contribute to adding more to this.

Green construction and its methods were established to address the need for buildings in today’s modern society while also taking care of environmental concerns. Now, it’s not just simply about delivering the construction project before the deadline. It’s also about making sure said project doesn’t disrupt efforts to saving the environment. Practice the tips above in your future construction jobs. You may not know it, but these small actions count for something big and positive.

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